Highlight your brand with our adhesive metal letters :

-These letters and logos are stickers.

– We deliver these transfers with a tape of positioning.

– Packaging is done in precut boards.

Our metal transfers have the advantage of highlighting your products by giving relief to your brand.

Our metal transfers constitute an original and prestigious accessory as a jewel.

Available in several colours, our metal transfers will sublimate and enhance your most beautiful cabinets or your most lavish packaging.

You are looking for a unique and original decoration, we bring you a refined marking solution with our metal transfers.

Fixing our self-adhesive metal letters is very simple and quick:

Simply return the transfer, then remove the protective paper.
It remains then the letters or logo and the transparent tape positioning.

The glue is only present in letters and/or logo. Use the tape to position the logo on the surface. Press with your hand or a small roll on the tape so that the letters adhere well to support.

Finally, slowly remove the film of positioning. Only the logo and/or letters remain on the media.

Our metal letters is outstanding on any type of medium :



Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 interior badge






We realize your metal transfers in various colours: gold, silver, copper, green..

These different colors stand out very well on glass as well as on any type of materials.









The letters sublimate your products by giving them a certain prestigious seal with the metal finition.

Entrust your projects with a recognized Professional :

Just send us an .ai file or.Vectorized PDF and we can carry out all your transfers of metal letters about the size of a stamp to A4.

For large formats, contact us and we will consider you the feasibility.